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Bubblemaker - Medical Questionaire

In order to take part in a PADI Bubblemaker you must be able to answer NO to the following questions, if you answer YES to any question you would require doctors permission


____ I am currently suffering from a cold or congestion.

____ I have a history of respiratory problems or disease.

____ I have had asthma, emphysema or tuberculosis.

____ I currently have an ear infection.

____ I have recurrent ear problems, ear disease or surgery.

____ I have a history of sinus problems.

____ I have had problems equalizing (popping) my ears on an airplane or mountain travel.

____ I am diabetic.

____ I have a history of heart condition (e.g. cardiovascular disease, angina, heart attack).

____ I have a history of seizures, dizziness or fainting.

____ I have a nervous system disorder.

____ I have behavioural health, mental or psychological disorders (panic attack, fear of closed or open spaces).

____ I have recurrent back problems, history of back or spinal surgery.

____ I am currently taking prescription medication that carries a warning about impairment of physical and mental abilities.

____ I have recently had an operation or illness.

____ I am under the care of a physician or have a chronic illness.


If you have any questions about the above medical questionaire please contact us