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Anchor Bay

Location Anchor Bay (Popeye's Village)
Type Cavern, Reef, Naturalist
Maximum Depth 10 metres
Entry & Exit Shore
Typical Marine Life Rainbow Wrasse, Cardinal Fish, Grouper, Moray Eel, Octopus

With The Popeye Village film set as a backup the Anchor Bay dive entrance is impressive, but the real focus of this dive is the enormous cavern located 150 metres from the entrance.

As the maximum depth during the dive is 10 metres a surface swim is not required and divers leisurely make their way along the cliff wall, exploring the stacked boulders and swim throughs on route. Anchor Bay is teeming with aquatic life and octopus, cuttle fish and squid are often spotted foraging for food or hiding under rocks.

Once at the cavern entrance, divers turn on their torches and begin to explore. Anchor Bay cavern is the largest accessible cavern on Malta and divers are able to spend a long time searching the nooks and crannies for marine life. Due to the grand entrance there is always a deep blue backdrop indicating the clear exit making this dive popular with experienced and novice divers.

Anchor Bay is situated only five minutes drive from AquaVenture.



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