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P31 Patrol Boat

Location Comino
Type Wreck (Patrol Boat/Minesweeper)
Maximum Depth 21 metres
Entry & Exit Boat
Typical Marine Life Saddled Sea Bream, Damsel Fish, Amber Jack, Nudibranch, Stingray

The East German Kondor I Class minesweeper Pasewalk (Gs05, ex-G423) was built by VEB Peenewerft shipyard in Wolgast and launched on 18th June 1968.

It was purchased by Malta in 1992 along with her sister ship P30 (formerly Ueckermuende) and became a patrol boat of the Maritime Squadron of the Armed Forces of Malta. It was used to secure the Maltese coast against smuggling and border control operations. Most notably was the rescue of 251 illegal immigrants in 2002 from their 20 metre boat which was sinking 44 miles to the south of Malta in over force 6 winds.

P31 was decommissioned in 2004 and bought by the Malta Tourism Authority. It was sunk as an attraction for divers on 24th August 2009.

It now sits upright on white sand at a maximum depth of 21m.

The P31 is situated on the South West side of Comino Island and is only accessable by boat. The water here is frequently so clear that the whole wreck can be seen from the surface and the whole ship appreciated.

As the P31 was scuttled deliberately all hazards were removed or sealed off and made environmentally safe leaving many areas for exploration and adventure still open for the experienced diver. For divers choosing not to enter the superstructure or hull, there is an increasing amount of  aquatic life to view during exploration of the exterior of the wreck.

The P31 is another example of what diving can give back to the environment.

Comino is situated 30 minutes by boat (Maltese Luzzu) from AquaVenture.



p31 patrol boat p31 patrol boat p31 patrol boat