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our cats

Don't be surprised if during your visit to AquaVenture you get some assistance in packing your kit bag or some help studying in the classroom from one of our cats!

We currently have 14 cats in our registered colony and they are a huge hit with both the hotel guests and our divers.



Bozley arrived we guess as a 12 month old kitten approx 7 years ago and it took quite a few months before she would trust us to touch her. With her unique colouring and crossed eye's she became a favourite with the divers and hotel guests.

Bozley always our dive mascot passed over the rainbow bridge on 13th November 2018, she will be forever missed, but remembered with special memories by all who met her.



The 2nd in command and obviously related to royalty. Dame Marble appeared 6 years ago to investigate the food we were leaving out for some of the stray cats. She's is very precious and will only allow a few people to pet her. Preferring to bump your forehead than normal strokes. She spends most of her time outside but on occasion enjoys sunning herself in the toy display. Although she doesn't really enjoy socialising with the other cats (because she doesn't think she is one!) she will protect the colony from any troublemakers with a firm paw! Enjoys head strokes before eating.

Favourite Toy - Shes too cool to play with toys.



A typical maltese looking cat, with his long legs, Pickle is not so little any more. He was born August 2016, a litter of 3 to Mrs Mummy Cat. His sisters have since disappeared and he adopted us during the winter of 2016. He can be a bit of a wimp and loves sleeping in the shop during the day stretched out on the long seats, until the divers return, when he expects to be fed again, and again and again. He's a talker and announces his arrival each morning from the doorway. He used to sleep in a basket with his BFF Dobby, but now they can't fit in it.



Dobby is named after the character in Harry Potter because of his huge ears as a kitten. We estimate he is about 2 years old and has struggled with his appearance and nerves but is a lot better now. You can count on him turning up at least once a week covered in engine oil! He warbles more than meows. His job is making sure all the bowls are clean after feeding time, which he does very well. He is very gentle and can be bullied by some of the other cats.

Favourite Food – Everyones!



Biscuits was one of the smallest from a litter of 5, but she makes up for this with her insessent meows which are non-stop and tend to be screaming high pitch meows. Named after her favourite food she refuses to eat tinned cat food but is quite partial to a sausage, chicken, white fish – Not tuna! Summer she spends training the watersports receptionist to hand feed her juicy treats. Winter she's on the filing cabinet in the dive centre.

Favourite Toy – Fingers poked through holes in her box.

cats weasley


Another Harry Potter character, Weasley is ginger! Born in April 2016 to Mrs Mummy Cat, his two sisters Faith and Willow were adopted to a home. He is quite vocal and enjoys sitting on laps. He was the only cat Bozley allowed on the desk. His girlfriend is Maori and they spend a lot of time playing and cleaning together. Enjoys assisting the divers with logging the dives.

Favourite Place to Sleep – On the teachers chair in the classroom.

cats hedwig


Yes another Harry Potter character. Hedwig has huge eyes and remains a fluff ball winter or summer. He's a very shy cat unlike his brother Weasley! And has yet to allow anyone to get within touching distance of him. We were fortunate that he walked in to the cat cage after treats so we were able to get him neutered. The vet was not so fortunate judging by all the plasters he had to put on! Just starting to be brave and come into the shop to look at the toys.

cats monty


Monty is no longer the largest cat we have. He's nearly two years old and despite appearances doesn't eat a lot. He is an incredible softy and loves rolling around getting his tummy rubbed. His BFF is Rupert who is actually bigger than him so can handle his boy play fighting. Enjoys sleeping A LOT! And wherever he can.

cats rupert


Monty's partner in cuddles is Rupert. He's a jet engine on paws. You can hear him loudly purring a lot, all the time at anything and anyone. Despite his sometimes serious confused expression, he's a contented chap. Despite appearances he is not a pregnant female. He is on a permanent diet, but no one has told him.

Favourtie Food - Anything left in the bowls that Dobby did not manage to finish.



We estimate her to be 18 months old. Her brother is Husky. Her Mum is Mrs Mummy Cat. Our tiny little ballerina had a teenage pregnancy at 8/9 months and unbelievably had and raised 5 kittens successfully in a plant pot by the outdoor pool. All kittens are now re-homed, and she's happy chasing her BFF Weasly. She is very loving and her favourite food is stealing Biscuits biscuits because they taste better.

cats snowy


Leader of what was the Limelight 4. Just over a year old. He doesn't meow as more yells at you in the morning. Needs to work on his grooming skills. His pack live near the indoor pool. Enjoys a stroke, but a little wary as still getting over a nasty cheek abscess he had. If he's not keen on the flavour of the catfood, he'll add his own ingrediants soil and leaves unfotunaley.

cats joey


Snowy's brother, he's a happy chappy. Quite happy say hello to people. Enjoys all types of food and very affectionate and playfull. Will rough and tumble with Tiny Tim but is gentle.

cats chloe


We had a hard time getting Chloe to trust us and then she just changed overnight. Affectionate and happy to see us anytime. She's sits and waits at feeding time by the pool doorway waiting for us to come. She's more of a dry food girl, but does enjoy her gravy.

cats tim


Tim is an only sibling to a stray ginger who lives near the Hotel kitchens. We caught him together with his mum and both were neutered. He has been accepted by the Limelight 4 to feed and hang out with them. He was Tiny Tim, but he's tiny no more due to getting a 2nd breakfast at the hotel buffet. He's adorable and quite happy to be picked up and cuddled, especially if there is a sausage as a reward.

During the past 2 to 3 years we have successfully re-homed 22 cats & kittens and all the 14 cats in our colony have been neutered and are regulary wormed & de-flead.

Any support you can give would be greatly appreciated.