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Santa Marija Caves

Location Comino
Type Cavern, Naturalist, Reef
Maximum Depth 18 metres
Entry & Exit Boat
Typical Marine Life Sea Bream, Grouper, Moray Eel, Octopus

A small island lying between Malta and Gozo, Comino proves popular with divers and snorkellers alike.

Comino Caves is situated in a secluded bay and the entrance leads to open water through the rock face. Upon entering the water divers are surrounded by hundreds of saddled sea bream eager for the fish feeding prelude to every Comino Caves dive. The depth outside the caves is shallow and fish feeding on Comino offers an amazing experience that is enjoyed by Aquaventure’s divers and snorkellers. Beyond the silver cloud of fish, Comino Cave’s impressive entrance appears. Divers switch on torches and slowly explore the beautiful ceiling of bright yellow soft corals and deep red sponge before swimming through the cave into the open water beyond. Once though the cave, divers are presented with impressive underwater topography and an abundance of aquatic life.

Comino is situated 30 minutes by boat (Maltese Luzzu) from AquaVenture.









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