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Location Xatt L-Ahmar
Type Wreck (Ferry)
Maximum Depth 42 metres
Entry & Exit Shore
Typical Marine Life Amber Jack, Grouper, Octopus, Nudibranch, Damsel Fish, Sea Bream

Miner VI was built by Philip & Son Ltd, Dartmouth and commissioned by the Royal Navy Admiraly. She was launched in 1942.

Acquired by Zammit & Sons Ltd, Malta in 1966 and renamed Minor Eagle. She was converted to a ferry and could load more than 400 passengers and 10 cars, she provided ferry services between Valletta and Comino.

In 1976 it was re-named the Cominoland and was owned by the Gozo Channel Co. Ltd. In 1980 it was named “Jylland II” and later on “Cominoland” again by the last owner Captain Morgan cruises.

The Cominoland was scuttled by the Maltese Government on 12th August 2006 and now lies upright on a sandy bottom infront of Xatt l-Ahmar in Gozo at a maximum depth of 42m.

The dives start very close to the southern Gozo shore. After exploring the wreck the nearby reef wall makes a fantastic end to the dive as you slowly make your way up the wall you have the chance to see some of the Mediterranean fish life.





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