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Lantern Point

Location Comino
Type Naturalist, Reef
Maximum Depth 30 metres +
Entry & Exit Boat
Typical Marine Life Saddled Sea Bream, Damsel Fish, Amber Jack, Barracuda

This dive takes place at the most southwest point of Comino. The boat will anchor to the south of the point over a large reef with an average deprth of 8m. To the west is a drop off covered with massive boulders with an average depth of 30m. Your dive will start at the entrance to the chimney at a depth of 4m which is just below the lantern. Moving down the chimney you exit at 18m and explore an area with massive boulders, you then move along to the base of a vertical drop off, then continue up to the ridge. Following the ridge will lead you to the plateau and back to the boat.

Lantern Point is located 20 minutes boat ride from AquaVenture.







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