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Slugs Bay

Location Ghadira
Type Naturalist, Reef
Maximum Depth 10 metres
Entry & Exit Boat
Typical Marine Life Rainbow Wrasse, Cardinal Fish, Painted Combers, Octopus, Moray Eel

Just five minutes from AquaVenture, this relaxing shore dive offers the perfect opportunity for divers to re-acclimatise to the underwater environment.

Divers enter the water from a sheltered jetty and descend to a maximum depth of 6 metres, where an abundance of marine life can be found amoung the boulders and shallow valleys. Slugs Bay offers a safe haven from the prevailing north westerly wind and the visibility is often clear and bright. Due to the shallow depth bottom times can be longer offering plenty of opportunity to explore.

Numerous divers have regularly found fossilised shark teeth in the white sand and encrusted rocks where octopus, moray eels and cuttlefish search for food.

AquaVenture often uses Slugs Bay for the open water dive of Discover Scuba Diving, where first time divers experience the wonders of scuba diving in a safe and protected environment.








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