The History of Malta’s Wrecks

Recreational Wrecks

X127Water Lighter191535m19425m-22mShore
HMS MaoriTribal Class Destroyer1937115m194210m-14mShore
MV ScotscraigFerry195125m198618mBoat
P31Patrol Boat196852m200910m-21mBoat
Tug 2Tugboat30m201321mShore
SS MargitPassenger Ship1912105.5m194121mShore
St. MichaelTugboat194420m199822mShore
Lockeed P2V NeptuneRecon Aircraft24m195730mBoat
Um El FaroudTanker1969109.4m199816m-35mShore
P29Patrol Boat196752m200722m-35mShore
MV PippoWorkboat197618m200437mBoat
Bristol BeaufighterFighter Aircraft193913m194338mBoat
Imperial EagleFerry193845m199940mBoat
MV XlendiFerry195580m199940mShore
Italian E-BoatTorpedo Boat32.7m40mBoat
De Havilland MosquitoFighter Bombet Aircraft13.6m194940mBoat
MV KarwelaFerry195750.3m200642mShore
MV CominolandFerry194234m200642mShore
HMS HellespontPaddle Steamer191046m194242mBoat
Bristol BlenheimBomber Aircraft193713m194142mBoat

Technical Wrecks

Le PolynesienPassenger Ship1890152m191845m-65mBoat
HMS StubbornS Class Submarine194266m194650m-57mBoat
HMS St. AngeloTugboat193524m194254mBoat
CS Levant IICable Layer190442.2m195255m-59mBoat
HM Drifter EddyMinesweeper191827m194256mBoat
Junkers JU88Bomber Aircraft57mBoat
Fairey SwordfishBiplane Aircraft193465mBoat
Schnellboot S31Torpedo Boat193932.7m194266m-70mBoat
HMS NasturtiumFlower Class Minsweeper191581.6m191667mBoat
HMS SouthwoldHunt Class Destroyer194186m194268m-73mBoat
HMY AegusaSchooner189678m191676mBoat
HMD Trusty StarMinesweeper191926m194290mBoat
SS LucistonCollier191098.4m191696mBoat
ORP KujawiakHunt Class Destroyer194085m194297mBoat
MV King EdwinCargo Ship1927122m1943112mBoat
HMS RussellDuncan Class Battleship1902140m1916115mBoat
HMS OlympusOdin Class Submarine192886.5m1942115mBoat

6th May 2020

MV Pippo

The Pippo is an 18m long concrete hulled workboat built in Malta in 1976. Initially the project of Vella Boat Yard of Marsa, at it’s early stages of completion the project was taken over by the late Philp Formosa who completed the building of the boat. The boat was used as a work boat and for surveys.

The boat was sold to Azzopardi Fisheries and used in the tuna farming industry until such time in October 2004 that on a voyage from Comino to Malta the vessel started taking in water and sank east of Mellieha Bay at a depth of 37 metres.

The dive is limited to the wreck as around it the bottom is just sand. It is an easy dive but as there is not much to see the dive time tends to be short.

5th May 2020

MV Scotscraig

The MV Scotscraig was built for the Dundee Harbour Trust to be used for the Dundee to Newport ferry crossing. The contract price for building the ferry was reported to be £152,450.

The Scotscraig was the fourth Caledon built ferry for the River Tay crossing, the others being the Newport II in 1910, William High (later the Sir William High) in 1924 and then the B L Nairn in 1929. The ferry was launched on 23rd May 1951 by Mrs F J D Buist who was the wife of the Convenor of the Tay Ferries.

They were in daily use, leaving Dundee and Newport at the hour and half past the hour throughout the day. The last ferry from Dundee was 10pm whilst the last ferry from Newport was 10.30 pm – 2 vessels overnighting in Dundee.The crossing itself took approximately 20 minutes, with 10 minutes allowed for embarking/disembarking. You could set your watches by the movements of those ferries

The last two Tay ferries the Abercraig (1939 ) and Scotscraig (1951 ) were twin screw diesels but also had an innovative feature that of Voith – Schneider propellers which though highly successful elsewhere did seem to cause spare part and reliability problems on the Tay with the result that after the withdrawal of Sir William High in 1951 the remaining steam paddler B L Nairn nominally spare boat seemed in fact to take quite a substantial share in the crossings right up to the opening of the Tay road bridge in 1966.

After the road was opened the Scotsgraig was sold off to Malta where little is known about what she did but what is sure after the filming of the movie Popeye 1980’s, she was on tow to new location and took on water in bad weather broke her tow lines and sank.

Now sitting in 21 meters of water upright and fully intact even the toilets and urinals are still in place, you can still get into the lower decks.