ssi advanced wreck diving

SSI Advanced Wreck Diving €225.00

Become a certified wreck diver

Many of the ocean’s best dive sites are wrecks. These impressive structures attract unusually high densities of marine life and give you the chance to immerse in living history as you dive.

There is nothing quite like wreck diving and the SSI Advanced Wreck Diving specialty will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to become a safe and confident wreck diver.

The SSI Advanced Wreck Diving program provides divers with the training necessary to independently plan and conduct limited penetration, no-decompression dives within the daylight zone, to a maximum depth of 30 meters or linear distance of 40 meters, and using specialized overhead environment equipment and procedures, with an equally- or more-qualified buddy.

The training required for this type of diving is overhead buoyancy control, new fining techniques, optional laying safety line and the proper use of a light.

Upon completion of this program, you will earn your SSI Advanced Wreck Diving specialty certification. Continue your adventures and become an advanced wreck diver. Get started online today!

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Explore sunken history

Here are the benefits you can expect from attending this training program:

Learn the knowledge and techniques needed to safely and confidently conduct limited penetration wreck dives
Practice using new equipment, like reels and tethers
Develop overhead buoyancy control and new fining techniques while exploring new sites

What’s included?

SSI Digital Learning. This will allow you to complete the theory portion of the course online in your own time prior to arriving at the dive shop.
All equipment.
Road transport to and from dive sites in the north of Malta.
Maximum 2 divers per instructor.
2 Open Water Dives
SSI certification.

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